The World’s First 300MW A-CAES Project Has Connected to The Grid




In the morning of April 30th at 11:18, the world’s first 300MW/1800MWh advanced compressed air energy storage (CAES) national demonstration power station with complete independent intellectual property rights in Feicheng city, Shandong Province, has successfully achieved its first grid connection and power generation. The power station utilizes advanced CAES technology independently developed by the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zhongchu Guoneng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Invested the project and led to construct it. Power China Nuclear Engineering Company Limited. is the construction party.It is currently the largest-scale, highest-efficiency, best-performing, and lowest-unit cost new type of CAES power station in the world.


The R&D team has made breakthroughs in key technologies for the 300MW CAES system, overcoming technical challenges such as multi-stage wide-load compressor, multi-stage high-load expander, high-efficiency supercritical heat storage  and heat exchange unit, and optimized design at full operation condition and integration of the whole system They have innovatively developed core components of the 300MW system including a multi-stage high-load expander, a multi-stage wide-load combination compressor, and a high-efficiency compact heat storage and exchange unit.   Compared to the 100MW CAES system, the unit cost of 300 MW CAES system has decreased by more than 30%, and system has 100% independent intellectual property rights, all core technologies areindependent and controllable.

该电站建设规模为300MW/1800MWh,工程总投资14.96亿元,系统额定设计效率 72.1%。可实现连续放电6小时,年发电约6亿度,在用电高峰为约20-30万户居民提供电力保障,每年可节约标准煤约18.9万吨,减少二氧化碳排放约49万吨。

The power station has a capacity of 300MW/1800MWh, with a total investment of 1.496 billion yuan. Its rated design efficiency is 72.1%. It can achieve continuous discharge for six hours, generating approximately 600 million kWh per year. This provides power support for about 200,000 to 300,000 households during peak electricity demand, saves about 189,000 tons of standard coal annually, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 490,000 tons.


The power station in Feicheng City, Shandong Province, utilizes the abundant underground salt cavern resources for gas storage. Using air as the storage medium, it achieves large-scale power storage on the grid side. The station provides various functions such as peak shaving, frequency regulation, phase adjustment, standby power, and black start capabilities, effectively supporting the stable and efficient operation of the power system.


The 300MW advanced CAES power station in Feicheng City has successfully achieved its first grid connection and power generation with support from governments at all levels in Shandong Province, Shandong Development and Reform Commission, the Energy Administration of Shandong Province, and the special grid connection service assistance of 'Qingfeng Nuanyang' by the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company. This marks an important milestone in the field of CAES, effectively promoting the rapid development of CAES technology and industry. It also consolidates China's international leadership in the CAES field and lays a solid foundation for the large-scale promotion and application of the technology.